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EnLiten TM Flush-Glazed Designs

Privacy / Low-E / Clear

Privacy / Low-E / Clear

Low-E / Clear SDL

GBG Flat White

Oak: FC32(_) (XK, XR) FC32-LE FC32

Smooth: S90(_) (XK, XE, XJ, XR) S90-LE S90

Smooth: S80(_) (XK, XE, XJ, XR) S80-LE S80

3/4-Glass Options

Mahogany: FCM32(_) (XK, XR) FCM32-LE FCM32

Oak: FC766(_) (XK, XR) FC766-LE FC766

Smooth: S2103-SDLLE S2103-SDL

Smooth: S2103-GBGFWLE S2103-GBGFW

Internal Blinds

Internal Blinds

GBG Flat Bronze

Low-E / Clear

Smooth: S682-RTLE

Smooth: S5425-RTLE

Smooth: S2103-GBGFBLE

Smooth: S2200-LE S2200

GBG Flat White

GBG Flat White

Smooth: S2106-GBGFWLE

Smooth: S1089-GBGFWLE

GBG Flat White

GBG Flat White

Smooth: S82-GBGFW

Smooth: S92-GBGFW

Smooth-Star, Clear Glass with GBGs, Door – S2103, Sidelites – S2103SL, Finish – Alpine


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