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A Complete Door System

1 Removable Weatherstrip Our resilient design

2 Hardware Choose from beautiful options that will complement the look of your home and help bring you security and peace of mind.

3 Ball-Bearing Hinges

4 7-Shape Corner Seal Pads (Inswing Only) This innova tive design creates a protective air pocket that helps prevent a vacuum from wicking moisture up the weatherstrip.

Hinges with ball-bearings protect each hinge pivot, offering added support and stability to help keep your door opening and closing smoothly.

compresses when closed and springs back when open. It’s protected by a durable jacket for long-lasting sealing power.

5 Composite Adjustable Sills These allow flexibility to adjust the sill cap vertically to close gaps, helping to maintain a tight seal between the sill and the bottom of the door.

6 Dual-Bulb / Dual-Fin Bottom Sweep (Inswing Only) Two bulbs compress to sit tight against the sill, while two fins act like walls to form barriers and a built-in rain deflector pushes moisture away.

7 Mullion Options Mullions not only give the hinges and lock a place to anchor, they come in a range of sizes from 1"–3" in width per mullion to help create an entry door system to fit the opening of your home.

Tru-Defense: The Ultimate Protection We manufacture or specify every aspect of a complete door system. The Therma-Tru ® genuine components in a Tru-Defense door system are our premium options for long-lasting durability. Double Your Peace of Mind

Levels of Reimbursement

Reimbursement Eligibility with a Certified Installer

Reimbursement Eligibility

System Components

Latch & Deadbolt (No Sill Pan)**



When it comes to door systems, we believe that proper installation is just as important as having the best components. A Tru-Defense door system installed by a Therma-Tru Certified Door System Installer doubles your reimbursement eligibility should an issue arise.* Look for the ( ) icon.

Latch & Deadbolt with Sill Pan**



MPLS (No Sill Pan)



MPLS with Sill Pan



Baseline components required to qualify for the Tru-Defense Warranty Rider.


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