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Línea (Con't)

Pulse ® Options




Privacy / Low-E / Clear

Oak: FC1(L,C,R)SG (1D, 1C)

Oak: FC1(L,C,R)AX (1D)

Oak: FC1(L,C,R) (__) (XE, XC, XJ, XR, XK) FC1(L,C,R)CL-LE FC1(L,C,R)CL

Oak: FC1(L,C,R)PB (1D, 1C, 1A)

Smooth: S1(L,C,R)SG (1D, 1C)

Smooth: S1(L,C,R)AX (1D)

Smooth: S1(L,C,R)XE-FF, XK-FF S1(L,C,R)(__) (XE, XC, XJ, XR, XK) S1(L,C,R)CL-FFLE S1(L,C,R)CL-LE S1(L,C,R)CL

Mahogany: FCM1(L,C,R)SG (1D, 1C)

Mahogany: FCM1 (L,C,R) (__) (XE, XC, XJ, XR) FCM1(L,C,R)CL-LE FCM1(L,C,R)CL

Mahogany: FCM1(L,C,R)PB (1D, 1C, 1A)

Mahogany: FCM1(L,C,R)AX (1D)

Echo Privacy / Low-E / Clear

Privacy / Low-E / Clear

Privacy / Low-E / Clear

Privacy / Low-E / Clear

Smooth: S4(L,C,R)XE-FF S4(L,C,R)CL-FFLE S4(L,C,R)CL-LE S4(L,C,R)CL

Smooth: S5(L,C,R)XE-FF S5(L,C,R)CL-FFLE S5(L,C,R)CL-LE S5(L,C,R)CL

Smooth: S9(L,C,R)XE-FF S9(L,C,R)CL-FFLE S9(L,C,R)CL-LE S9(L,C,R)CL

Smooth: S8(L,C,R)XE-FF S8(L,C,R)CL-FFLE S8(L,C,R)CL-LE S8(L,C,R)CL


Pulse Línea, Satin Etch Glass with Flat Lite Frame, Door – S1LXE, Sidelite – S601XESL

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