Saco Product Catalog

Saco Product Catalog


FACE FRAMES 3/4” thick kiln dried solid hardwood lumber. Bored, glued and screwed joint assembly. Stiles and rails are 1-1/2” in width and dadoed to receive sides, tops and bottoms. Mull are 3” wide. END PANELS 9mm (3/8”) thick plywood with laminated paper on both sides. Tops, bottoms and sides are dadoed into the face frame and recessed 3/16”. Dadoed to receive shelves, bottoms and tops. TOP/BOTTOM 9mm (3/8”) thick plywood with birch veneer on both sides. Let into ends and face frame. Bottoms are glued and stapled. Base cabinet floors are supported underneath at rear of cabinet by 9 mm (3/8”) plywood. HANGING RAILS Wall cabinets have 3/8” x 2-1/2” plywood strip running across the cabinet back at the top and bottom. Base cabinets have 3/8” x 3” plywood strip running across the top of the cabinet back. BACK PANEL Wall cabinets backs are 3/8” thick plywood with UV finish. Bases have 2.5mm (1/8”) plywood backs, finished with laminated paper, stapled to side panels and hanging rails. SHELVES 12 mm (1/2”) thick by 10-1/4” deep plywood edgebanded on front edge and finished with a clear coat. Wall shelves are adjustable. Base shelves are fixed; let into sides and glued. TOE BOARD 15 mm (5/8”) plywood. Mounted internally and extends from the bottom of the base floor to the bottom of the cabinet for full support. BASE CORNER BRACES High impact injection molded plastic. DRAWERS 12 mm (1/2”) plywood for sides, front and back of drawer box. Drawer box is dovetailed and glued. Drawer bottom is let into dadoed sides, front and back of box and glued. Bottom is 5.2 mm (1/4”) veneer plywood. Drawer is finished with a clear coat. DRAWER RAILS Epoxy coated steel side mounted self adjusting 75# load capacity rail system. Self closing, double captive rollers with built in stops. DOOR HINGES 6 way adjustable self closing heavy duty steel concealed hinge. Specifications


ACADIA CHOCOLATE Old world style with a contemporary flair provides a warm, intimate setting for entertaining family and friends. Acadia Maple is distinctively styled with a touch of homespun simplicity. Door pulls not included.

Wall Cabinets

12” Double Door

W3012 W3612

$99.00 $106.00

15” Double Door

W3015 W3615

$102.00 $112.00

18” Double Door

W3018 W3618

$116.00 $123.00

30” Single Door

W930 W1230 W1530 W1830 W2130 W2430

$83.00 $88.00 $95.00 $102.00 $112.00 $119.00

30” Double Door

W2730 W3030 W3330 W3630

$133.00 $145.00 $154.00 $164.00

36” Single Door

W1236 W1536 W1836 W2136 W2436

$110.00 $119.00 $128.00 $137.00 $149.00

36” Double Door

W2736 W3036 W3336 W3636

$166.00 $179.00 $192.00 $204.00

Corner Wall Cabinets

DW2430 DW2436

$164.00 $196.00

Wall Cabinets

Reversible Blind Wall Cabinet

WC2430 WC3630 WC2436 WC3636

$114.00 $146.00 $138.00 $181.00

30”, 36”


Minimum Space Maximum Space with no hardware

WC2430 WC2436 WC3630 WC3636



with no hardware maximum pull



with no hardware maximum pull

Filler required. Order separately.

Base Cabinets

Tray Base Cabinet



Single Door Bases

B12 B15 B18 B21 B24

$131.00 $141.00 $147.00 $156.00 $164.00

Double Door Bases

B27 B30 B33 B36

$202.00 $209.00 $217.00 $226.00

Four Drawer Bases

D15-4 D18-4 D24-4

$237.00 $247.00 $276.00

Base Cabinets

Double Door Sink Bases

SB30 SB36

$177.00 $193.00

Lazy Susan



Reversible Blind Bases

BC36/39 BC42/45

$174.00 $222.00


Minimum Space Maximum Pull with no hardware




Actual Size ___ > 24” BC42/45 Actual Size ___ > 36”



Utility Cabinets

Utility Cabinets

UB1884 UB2484 UB1890 UB2490 Shelves: UB18 UB24

$308.00 $349.00 $334.00 $379.00

$13.79/shelf $18.00/shelf

Vanity Cabinets

Vanity Sink Bases

* 24” has single door

BVS24* BVS30

$145.00 $177.00

Combination Vanity Sink Bases



Vanity Drawer Bases



Miscellaneous Items

Base | Wall Fillers

BWF3X36 BWF6X36 UF3X96

$33.00 $48.00 $55.00

Refrigerator End Panels

RFEP1 - 1-1/2x90 $166.00

Miscellaneous Items

Dishwasher End Panel






Crown Molding



3/4” x 2-1/4” x 8’

Batten Molding


$16.00 Outside Corner Molding

1/4” x 3/4” x 8’



1/4” x 3/4” x 8’

Scribe Molding



1/4” x 3/4” x 8’

Toe Kick




1/4” x 4-1/2” x 96”

Miscellaneous TUP-M (Touch Up Pen) $20.00 Sample Door $25.00

ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Saco Industries, Inc. warrants the cabinetry, countertops (if applicable), a0d accessories that it manufactures or provides solely and exclusively to the extent that Saco will repair or replace any article or part(s) of any artic[e found defective for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Saco will not accept any returns or other claims outside of this Limited Warranty. Saco shall not be responsible for any losses sustained or costs incurred that are reported to Saco after the e piration of the one (1) year period. Likewise, installation shall be deemed as acceptance and no exchange or return will be accepted and no repair or replacement provided on any installed merchandise. The repair or replacement provided for in this Limited Warranty in the event of a defect or breach shall be the buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and, Saco’s sole responsibility shall be for Saco to repair or replace, at no additional charge to buyer, any portion of the products found to be defective. Saco shall not be responsible for any conse- quential damages, lost profits, or any other costs or damages all of which are specifically excluded, including, without limitation labor, installation, shipping, transport, disposal, or any costs associated with Saco’s products, including without limitation plumbing, walls, flooring, fixtures, gas or electric appliances, or countertops, all of which are specifically excluded. Except as provided for above, Saco makes no representations or warranty with respect to its products of any type, whether express or implied. Saco fully disclaims any warranties, whether express or implied, other than the warranty provided for above, including the implied warranties of fitness for particular purpose and merchantability. To submit a claim under this warranty, you must document the defect and include the original sales order as proof of purchase. Merchandise is not to be returned without proper written authorization from Saco.


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